Less Means More. What does it mean to you? I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it could mean to us, wouldn’t have set up this here website if I didn’t. I expect that as time passes we’ll do stuff and I’ll ramble about said stuff and our feelings about how Less can Mean More will change, or become more distinct, or at times I won’t have any idea what I’m talking about. We’re good with that, and look forward to it. We’re a little family of 3 inspired by the notion that needing less could mean having more. Maybe Less stuff Means More freedom. I’m pretty sure paying Less rent definitely Means More adventures. Not the first to poke at this beehive and certainly not the last but here we are and here’s this site and maybe Less could Mean More for you in one way or another.

The idea started brewing sometime in late 2013 while living in a house we loved, walking distance to the ocean in Carlsbad, CA. Fortunate indeed that we were able to walk to the beach or pick fruit from our backyard orchard, because often enough we had little resources for much else. Although my line of work ain’t half bad and I’d been at it more or less the last 15 years, the last few years had not been altogether successful. It had become all too real that try as I might, my ability to increase our income was much less in my hands as was our ability to decrease our need of it. Come the spring of 2014 we were feeling more and more led to let go of the house and lifestyle we had come to love but really couldn’t afford, away from the waves we often watched but never afforded ourselves the requisite gear in order to surf, away from dear friends.

So our situation was broken, and we knew we needed to change more than a few things so that down the road not only would it be fixed, but we’ll have laid some groundwork for a more sustainable future. We had garage sales, gave things away, Craigslisted, threw stuff away, and generally lightened the load. All told we moved out of our home with need of about one third the cubic feet of the truck we’d packed to move our lives into that house. And we went to Ohio, to my childhood home thanks to the hospitality of my very gracious folks who were now roughly 2233 miles closer to their grandson but that’s neither here nor there.

So, that’s the backstory, insightful perhaps but not really the point. Here’s our plan, our big picture. Our vision for the next few years is a life on the road. We’re scheming, plotting, planning how we’ll buy, strip, build out, and move into an over the road bus rehab our 1978 GMC 4905 coach into a sustainable, self contained, mobile homestead. We are currently in residence at Blue Sky Center in New Cuyama, CA where we’re managing the campground, events, retreats, and involved in various other projects that contribute to the economic revitalization of this small town in the high desert.