#LoveLettersToSnowboarding 1

by | Mar 14, 2015 | Adventure, Geocaching, Ramblings, Snowboarding | 0 comments

Yesterday marked what may have been the last day of my 22nd snowboard season. Although the end of winter is always a bummer, I can’t remember a time that the last day of the season was anything but a good ol’ time. We enjoyed a sunny 50 degrees, soft snow, park laps, Townes’ first top to bottom solo runs, a minor injury for Renae, and found a ‪‎geocache‬ just off the snow at the top of ‪Mad River Mountain. Over the years I’ve ridden countless mountains and Mad River always feels oddly like going home. The place has come a long way since the days when a good day in the park meant that we’d been able to plead our way past ski patrol onto the hill with a shovel so we could build ourselves one jump off the side of a run that was loosely called their snowboard park. Today, ‪Capital Park‬ is two dedicated runs that while not perfect, makes those days feel like ancient history. Here’s to winter, fun with family and friends, and never forgetting that the best is yet to come.‬