Unicorn Mamas

by Oct 4, 2018Family, Homeschool, Wild and Free1 comment

Have you ever felt like you thought you would have had MORE of something than you do?

I always thought we’d have more children. Growing up an only child, I figured I’d have at least three. So far, we have one son, Townes Holiday. His middle name was chosen since he was due Christmas Day, but that’s another story all together. 

After spending this past weekend at the Wild and Free conference I was again reminded that we are indeed a minority in the homeschool world. Everyone I met had five or six or even ten children. It’s easy to start to feel out of place when listening to speakers recalling homeschooling a huge passel of children and seeing instagram squares full of multi-age children all making beeswax candles and singing hymns around the kitchen table. ( Which btw, is so beautiful and I’m in awe of some of you mamas! ) Don’t get me wrong, I overwhelmingly feel a sense of belonging in this beautiful homeschool community that Ainsley has created, but it would be easy for me to get hung up on having LESS than what I thought I would.

During the conference, to my surprise a small crew of one-kiddo mamas sought me out at the Band Together booth. They hugged me and wanted a picture together and even informed me that there’s a special name for our kind, unicorn mamas. lol. This made me chuckle and reminded me that having one child is kinda magical in the same way as having one horn. 

When I start to think about having LESS, I stop and remind myself of how much MORE one-on-one time together with Townes that we have to strengthen and deepen our bond. Traveling as a family full time and not having a traditional home would have been much more difficult if we had more kids. Since we have been living with a whole lot LESS financially, one kid makes it that much more doable. Having the flexibility to just go and explore anytime, anywhere has been one of the greatest benefits of our small family. Resources just go farther when you have less people to clothe and feed. Somedays finding the MORE is hard. Days like the one we relished recently at the Made on Acorn Hill family estate. I watched Townes join in with all of Mandy’s kids and run wild and free on her huge property and I felt that feeling, I wish Townes had siblings. 

Alert! Alert! I reminded myself to capture any negative or ungrateful thoughts and hold them captive. I quickly focused on those magical one kiddo moments that I treasure, like sleeping in till 9:30 and having mostly uninterrupted mornings of me time. But seriously these types of things can be priceless to mamas. 

While I don’t know the future and I have no idea if we will ever have more children, I can be completely ok with knowing that LESS MEANS MORE. If you are struggling with having less of something, just try and find the more and cherish it with all your heart. God is a God of MORE!