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Have you you ever felt like you thought you would have had MORE of something than you do?
I always thought we’d have more children. Growing up an only child, I figured I’d have at least three. So far, we have one son, Townes Holiday. His middle name was chosen since he was due Christmas Day, but that’s another story all together. 
After spending this past weekend at the Wild and Free conference I was again reminded that we are indeed a minority in the homeschool world. Everyone I met had five or six or even ten children.

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Looking into 2017 at Blue Sky Center

Have you ever packed up and moved to a place you’ve never been, nor heard of? I have, on two occasions. Make that three if you count when my father was stationed in Idar-Oberstein, Germany when I was about the same age as my son is now. This past fall found me and my family in such a place. New Cuyama, California. It is a forgotten town of about one thousand people in the Cuyama Valley of California’s central coast. We came to be in this place because I chased a job that didn’t exist in a place that my potential employer apparently didn’t intend to continue doing business. Which was a blessing that I could never have asked for.

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Cross Country Journey: Waveland, MS to Marfa, TX

The last post brought us from Palm Beach, FL to Waveland, MS. Plodding on westward, we opted to skip New Orleans, having visited there not long ago. And thus began the seesaw portion of the drive, whereby due to the construction of this section of Highway 10/ 12, the bus is induced into a fore to aft rocking motion that made me glad that the family is comfortable in the Mountaineer rather than green faced in the bus. I do love this piece of these United States and although we didn’t make many stops, enjoyed the scenery and the bayou breeze from my four by six inch driver’s window opening.

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Cross Country Journey: Florida to Waveland, MS

We set off for California from Palm Beach, Florida on October 2nd. Anyone close to us or that has been following along for long enough knows that our last attempt at life in California had it’s ups and downs. But that’s another story. This is a story about a trip. I will however, detail some backstory. After a couple years of dreaming we finally found ourselves with the means to purchase our new home, a 1978 GMC 4905 bus. The type that was used by Greyhound in it’s era. It’s 40 feet long and powered by a two stroke Detroit Diesel engine, the sound of which is now indelibly marked in my mind.

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Doughnut Day

Yesterday was National Doughnut Day, apparently.
So we made doughnuts.

At the request of a few folks on instagram, here’s the recipe I used. We make our doughnuts in a mini doughnut maker but you could easily adapt this to a doughnut pan and bake them.
This recipe is very flexible and can be adapted to use ingredients to suit your particular dietary whim. Using our doughnut maker this recipe made 2 dozen.

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Wherever We’re Together, That’s My Home

The church isn’t a building, it’s the body of Christ, the ekklesia, the family of God. If you aren’t familiar with the biblical concept of church, it’s not a physical structure, it’s people, it’s organic and it’s very much like home.

We’ve all heard the cliches, Home is where the heart is, Home is where you hang your hat, Home is wherever I’m with you…

Home isn’t a building, it’s family, it’s friends, it’s a feeling, belonging.

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Interviewed by HippieInDisguise.com

Some time ago we were contacted by Danielle at Hippie In Disguise about a blog series she does called Interview with a Minimalist. We graciously accepted the offer to share some of her space with us, although I found that I struggled with writing this more than anticipated. We are thankful to Danielle for her interest in our family and our story. And for giving me yet another outlet to ramble.
The interview can be found here.

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Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Our very good friend Mark Thalman was kind enough to put together a quick edit of moments we shot this past spring and summer. Mark is gifted with a camera but even more so with creating video that tells a story. He has worked in Hollywood and is currently on staff at Bear Mountain in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California where he and his wifey call home. This is the first of what we hope will be many.

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Treasure Hunting with the First Good Pirate to Sail the Seven Seas

Townes has claimed he’ll one day be The First Good Pirate to Sail the Seven Seas for as long as we can remember. A year or so ago I was pondering how a landlocked pirate might learn the necessary navigational skills, and more importantly ever find buried treasure. Obvious prerequisites for anyone interested in entering the field of Piracy.

And so we entered the world of geocaching.

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Wild Horses (Couldn’t Drag Us Away)

Upon wrapping up most of a week with family and friends celebrating the marriages of not one but two great couples we set off for North Carolina. For a wedding. We had a pretty well laid out plan that would lead us to coastal North Carolina, then camping our way north through the Outer Banks, Assateague Island (there are wild horses there), and eventually Brooklyn, NY before heading back to Ohio.

This is how it all shook out.

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